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Privacy Coffeehouse?

Our Privacy Coffeehouse is virtual networking &
information sharing for privacy professionals.

We meet, we exchange, we share, and we align.
Just as we would do in a coffeehouse or a bar.

We only suggest topics and facilitate the meeting,
you are free interact as you please.

Just follow the Coffeehouse Philosophy.

Register here for our monthly events. 

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

◾ Noon EST - New York / Miami

◾ 9am PST - Los Angeles / San Francisco

◾ 4pm GMT - London

◾ 6pm CST - Brussels, Paris

Together, we are better!

Coffeehouse Philosophy

Put away your weapons:

  Our coffeehouse is a neutral zone

⬛ Share the soapbox:

  Let everyone participate

⬛ Leave the sales deck at the door:

 Plenty of time for pitches later

⬛ Keep it confidential:

 We are privacy pros; we can handle that

⬛ Relax and enjoy:
 Here, we are all equals, open to discuss, learn, share

Join us...

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    About Us

    We have organized a virtual coffee for privacy professionals. The idea is to meet up and share what we think, what issues we face, and how we are solving them. Just like we would usually do in a pub over a drink.

    I am a consultant, author, speaker and podcater on privacy matters who helps CPOs, DPOs and CXOs on creating a culture of privacy by defining and implmenting privacy strategy, creating business ownership and providing privacy training.  

    Punit Bhatia


    I am a data privacy researcher and the CEO of PrivacyPlan. I focus on building structure and adding value to datasets in the data privacy space. Recently, I've published work on Data Brokers, the ontology of US privacy legislation and Biometric identifiers.

    Jeff Jockisch

    CEO, PrivacyPlan

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